The NIA's Advisory Committee includes representatives drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds including academia, environment, climate, policy, communication, regulation, nonproliferation, and other categories.  Members provide input at the request of the NIA Board of Directors or Executive Director.  Members may be asked to review and provide feedback on NIA policy proposals and reports but do not set NIA policy. Unless otherwise specified, advisory committee members are serving in their personal capacity and do not represent their institutions. Affiliations are provided for identification purposes only.

Todd Allen
University of Michigan
Suzanne Baker
University of Michigan
George David Banks
Rachel Bronson
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Matthew Bunn
Harvard Kennedy School
Jacopo Buongiorno
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michael Ford
Great Circle Strategies, LLC
Charles Forsberg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Josh Freed
Third Way
Kirsty Gogan
Energy for Humanity
Sarah Ladislaw
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Richard Lester
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jessica Lovering
Carnegie Mellon University
Sam Mar
Arnold Ventures
Richard Meserve
Todd Moss
Energy for Growth Hub
Rachel Pritzker
Pritzker Innovation Fund
Tracy Terry
Bipartisan Policy Center
Sam Thernstrom
Energy Information Reform Project
Rachel Slaybaugh
Aditi Verma
OECD Nuclear Energy Agency