Press Release
Nuclear Innovation Alliance
November 7th, 2021

Nuclear Innovation Alliance Executive Director Judi Greenwald issued the following statement following the vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill:

"The Nuclear Innovation Alliance is so pleased to see the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act by the U.S. House of Representatives. This vote, alongside the Senate’s passage earlier this summer, signifies clear Congressional support for clean energy infrastructure and skilled American labor—two essential ingredients that will enable the US to meet important national and international climate targets as well as economic competitiveness and social justice goals. The legislation will strengthen the resiliency and security of our energy system while spurring economic growth and job creation.

“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will enable advanced nuclear energy as an essential component of building out clean energy infrastructure over the coming decades. Critically, the bill catalyzes nuclear innovation and American industry by providing substantial funding for public-private partnerships with first movers to build advanced reactors in the U.S under the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program.

“The bill also lends support to the production of clean hydrogen through nuclear energy, and instructs the U.S. Department of Energy to provide technical and financial assistance for advanced reactor development and siting. Further, the bill directs the Energy Information Administration to update the capabilities of the National Energy Modeling System to include consideration of emerging energy technologies like advanced nuclear energy, consistent with recent NIA recommendations on this topic. These are important steps that will spur advanced nuclear reactor deployment as part of resilient, integrated energy systems in the 2030s and beyond. The combination of public and private investment and innovation promises a bright future for new advanced reactors.”

The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) is a non-profit “think and do” tank working to enable nuclear power as a global solution to mitigate climate change. Through policy analysis, research, and education, we are catalyzing the next era of nuclear energy. Our organization is funded primarily through charitable grants and philanthropic donations from climate-concerned individuals and organizations.