Press Release
Nuclear Innovation Alliance
January 2021

The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) today released the following statement in response to the designation of Christopher Hanson as the new Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This statement may be attributed to NIA Executive Director Judi Greenwald:

"The Nuclear Innovation Alliance congratulates Commissioner Christopher Hanson and commends President Biden for designating him as Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Chairman Hanson is well qualified for this important role, bringing decades of experience working on nuclear energy to the NRC. Since joining the Commission in mid-2020, he has worked diligently to modernize NRC and keep it as the world's leading regulator of nuclear power. Under his Chairmanship, the NRC must continue its important work on regulatory reform to effectively and efficiently regulate advanced reactors with modern performance-based standards."

The NIA's mission is to "Bring more economically competitive zero-carbon emission energy to the world by supporting entrepreneurialism and accelerated innovation and commercialization of advanced nuclear energy." For more information on NIA, visti the website: