Report Calls for New Approach to U.S. Advanced Reactor Demonstration

WASHINGTON – The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) today released a report Enabling Nuclear Innovation: In Search of a SpaceX for Nuclear Energy. Russia currently dominates the export market for new reactor builds (see figure), just as it did for commercial global launch services in 2010. To return the United States to a leadership role, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) should learn from the legacy of the NASA commercial orbital transportation services (COTS) program. This report reviews key features of that program, presents results of a survey of advanced nuclear energy companies, and recommends policy priorities that can support the demonstration of transformative nuclear energy technologies.

Nuclear Innovation Alliance Announces Executive Director

WASHINGTON – The Board of Directors of the Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ashley Finan as the organization’s Executive Director, effective immediately. The Nuclear Innovation Alliance supports entrepreneurialism and the accelerated innovation and commercialization of advanced nuclear energy systems with the goal of providing more economically competitive, carbon-free energy to the world.

Report Calls for Changes to Nuclear Energy Technology Export Controls

WASHINGTON – The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) today released recommendations to improve the efficiency of U.S. export controls for nuclear energy technologies. The report makes recommendations to the federal government and industry on how to better enable the international flow of unclassified nuclear energy assistance and technology to help address global energy challenges and enable commercial opportunities.

Investors and Innovators to Accelerate the Deployment of Advanced Nuclear Energy

PRESS RELEASE: November 19th, 2015 Nuclear Innovation Alliance to focus on commercialization of non-traditional technologies Cambridge, Mass. – The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) was formally launched today as a non-profit organization focused on accelerating the deployment of safer, lower cost and more secure advanced nuclear power technologies.