Nuclear Innovation Alliance
Erik Cothron |

This document serves as a high-level introduction to coal repowering with nuclear energy (also known as coal power plant repurposing, or coal-to-nuclear transitions) and a directory of useful resources for those looking to dive deeper into the topics discussed herein. It presents the key concepts, opportunities, and challenges associated with this energy transition, and provides readers with solid foundations and condensed information, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of this subject matter. It is intended for a diverse range of stakeholders interested in exploring coal repowering with nuclear energy, and is meant to foster informed decision-making, strategic planning, and meaningful discussions that contribute to coal repowering efforts. Policymakers, industry stakeholders, researchers, community leaders, potential customers, and interested individuals will find a concise overview of coal repowering to help navigate the multifaceted aspects of this energy transition and the extensive body of literature already available.