Nuclear Innovation Alliance
September 26th, 2023

WASHINGTON D.C. The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) shared the following statement on the release of its newest publication, "Resources for Coal Repowering with Nuclear Energy." This document serves as a high-level introduction to coal repowering with nuclear energy and a directory of useful resources for those looking to dive deeper into the topics discussed therein.

 The following statement may be attributed to NIA Executive Director Judi Greenwald:

“In the last few years, many useful resources have been published on the topic of coal repowering with nuclear energy, and most of these are very detailed documents that are targeted towards a more experienced audience. Those just learning about this emerging energy opportunity may need more accessible information, so we created a high-level and easy-to-read publication, authored by NIA analyst Erik Cothron, for anyone interested in venturing into this complex, ever-evolving topic. In our new resource, we identify key concepts, opportunities, and challenges, and present that information in a concise manner. And because we have a directory of more detailed resources, organized by topic at the end of each of our chapters, we provide readers with the tools they need to dive deeper into particular topics. Our hope is that this document will help bring stakeholders up to speed, and foster informed decision-making, strategic planning, and meaningful discussions that contribute to coal repowering efforts.

To read the report, visit the NIA website here:


About NIA

The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) is a non-profit think-and-do-tank working to enable nuclear power as a global solution to mitigate climate change. Through policy analysis, research, and education, we are catalyzing the next era of nuclear energy. Our organization is funded primarily through charitable grants and philanthropic donations from climate-concerned individuals and organizations.