Press Release
Nuclear Innovation Alliance
June 2021

Nuclear Innovation Alliance Executive Director Judi Greenwald issued the following statement on the introduction by U.S. Reps. Schrader (D-OR) and McKinley (R-WV) of the Clean Energy Future through Innovation Act of 2021:

"The Nuclear Innovation Alliance applauds Representatives McKinley and Schrader for introducing the Clean Energy Future through Innovation Act. This bipartisan bill takes a technology-inclusive approach, and combines robust innovation investment with a Clean Electricity  Standard.  These features are critical to achieving deep decarbonization. We need durable policy to invest in and deploy all promising technologies, including advanced nuclear energy, to achieve our climate goals, create jobs and secure our economic future."

The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) is a non-profit “think and do” tank working to enable nuclear power as a global solution to mitigate climate change. Through policy analysis, research, and education, we are catalyzing the next era of nuclear energy. Our organization is funded primarily through charitable grants and philanthropic donations from climate-concerned individuals and organizations.