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This letter was written in support of the Alaska Legislature decision to introduce SB 177, which would encourage communities across Alaska to explore opportunities with microreactors.

NIA's public comment to DOE's request for information on developing supply chains for the energy sector industrial base, including the advanced nuclear energy supply chain. (Comment ID: DOE-HQ-2021-0020-0067)

Promoting Efficient NRC Advanced Reactor Licensing Reviews to Enable Rapid Decarbonization

Alex Gilbert, Patrick White & Judi Greenwald |

Unnecessarily long licensing reviews raise significant barriers to investment, reduce customer interest in advanced reactors, and threaten successful long-term deployment of advanced nuclear reactors. In this report, the NIA explores how the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Industry can make advanced reactor licensing both more effective and more efficient.

The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) hosted a webinar for the release of their newest report, "Promoting Efficient NRC Advanced Reactor Licensing Reviews to Enable Rapid Decarbonization". The report explores how the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and industry can reduce how long it takes to license a reactor to enable climate mitigation with advanced reactors. The webinar featured NIA Project Manager Alex Gilbert, Global Energy Practice Leader at Hogan Lovells Amy Roma, and was moderated by Former NRC Chairman, Stephen Burns. You can find the report here: Report

In this joint webinar hosted by the Global America Business Institute, Nuclear Innovation Alliance, Good Energy Collective, and Atlantic Council, watch Judi Greenwald (NIA), Jackie Toth (GEC), and Jennifer Gordon (AC) speak about the current status of the Versatile Test Reactor and why it is important to continue funding this project. The panel was moderated by Bryan Cheong (GABI).

Comment to NRC on Part 53

NIA public comment on the Preliminary Proposed Rule Language for 10 CFR 53, “Risk-Informed, Technology-Inclusive Regulatory Framework for Advanced Reactors”. (Comment ID: NRC-2019-0062-0168)

This letter to DOE from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation includes implementation recommendations for the newly established Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations. This letter was developed in collaboration with several stakeholders, including NIA. 

This joint letter, cosigned by NIA, expresses support for creating the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) within DOE, and contains eight suggested management principles for OCED.