This report summarizes NIA's 2022 Chatham House Rules workshop on Advanced Reactor Licensing Efficiency. The workshop convened stakeholders from both industry and public interest groups to share experiences and insights from prior licensing activities, best practices for licensing engagement and activities, and emerging best practices for new reactor licensing. This report synthesizes workshop presentations and discussions, and provides recommendations on how applicants, NRC staff and management, and the NRC Commission can work together to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of advanced reactor licensing reviews. To read the recommendations only, please follow the link here.

This fact sheet provides discussion points on why advanced nuclear energy should be considered economical competitive and will play an important role in helping reach climate and energy security goals in the energy transition.

This fact sheet provides discussion points on why advanced nuclear is poised to help decarbonize applications beyond our electricity, including providing clean heat and steam for hydrogen production, desalination, and chemical processes.

This fact sheet gives an overview of commercial spent nuclear fuel (SNF).  It discusses how SNF is safely and effectively managed in the United States, the potential innovative solutions for long-term disposal of SNF, and the characterization of SNF from advanced reactors.  

This fact sheet gives the case for why we need advanced nuclear energy. It discusses the many benefits advanced nuclear energy has to offer and why we need them to meet our energy security and net-zero emissions goals.