This white paper provides draft Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) reform recommendations intended to serve as a common basis for stakeholder engagement and discussion with policymakers during the 118th Congress (2023 - 2024). This discussion draft will be updated based on continued input and feedback from policymakers and stakeholders on how to improve advanced reactor licensing at the NRC.

This is letter, signed by NIA and other non-government organizations, provides recommends to DOE for increasing its transparency practices with the implementation of the hydrogen hubs (H2Hubs) program. These recommendations include ensuring relevant technical and outcome data be made available as soon as possible via each hub’s public website and through DOE, and requiring each hub to publish an annual report on its activities. Also recommended, is that DOE make the following information available to stakeholders and the general public: (1) The terms of the final agreement and project milestones; (2) milestone-related data and information; and (3) additional technical data.